team communication app that might be kinda cool.
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Timberline is in alpha and all features (for now) are free.

as simple as you want it to be

It's important that communication software be simple. It should also conform to how the modern workplace works. Although Timberline is just now gettings started, here are some key features of the alpha.

voice rooms

Group calls are formal, set and not how we like to chat most of the time. That's why it was a priority to include voice rooms. Jump in and out without nagging others you work with to join in. But also!

dial in by phone

The entire premise of Timberline is to be a true communications platform, and not just for internal talk. You can actually enable Dial-In for your organization and can call in to your sweet or pathetic voice rooms.

download the app

You can use Timberline on recent versions of Mac and Windows!

timberline, it's alpha!

The first thing you need to know is that Timberline is in Alpha right now. That basically means that it was just released and there might (but hopefully not) be missing features, bugs and unicorns for absolutely no reason. Keep in mind, whenever there is a we written, as of the time of this site going live, it actually means, Tony, the one who's working on it.

* Right now, everything is free to use. Once things progress, most things will still be free to use but some things might end up in a paid plan. When / if that time comes for any feature, you'll know well in advance.